Damascus, OR

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Bliss Butte Ranch, home of the Silver-Grey Dorking Chicken

We are located in beautiful Damascus, Oregon.  Nestled in the foothills near Mount Hood. We have several breeds of chicken, but our favorite are the Dorkings.  This is why we chose them as the only chicken we breed.  Their docile and friendly dispositions make them the perfect backyard chicken and a wonderful addition to any flock.

Our birds free range on grassy acreage during the day, foraging like chickens were meant to. Our goal is to introduce this endangered, ancient breed to more backyard flocks in the hopes that it will make a full comeback.  With less than 1000 breeding Dorkings in the US, consider adding the Dorking to your flock!

We are NPIP and AI Clean, tested through the state of Oregon.  That means are birds are healthy and we can legally ship eggs and chicks.  Contact us about future hatchings!


Pick up orders by appointment only, or we can ship.

19191 SE Borges Road

Damascus, Oregon 

97089  USA