Damascus, OR

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Dorking chickens are respectable layers of large, blush tinted white eggs.  Essentially a white egg with a pink bloom that appears to glow when first laid!  The hens are known to lay consistently through the winter and can average 249 eggs per year.  Although hardly as prolific as a leghorn, there is a record of a Dorking hen which laid 118 eggs in 121 days!  

These birds are calm, quiet, and docile.  They are playful and easily handled.  Dorking hens can be broody and make excellent mothers. Even caring for chicks of other species, such as turkeys and ducks.

Dorkings are also the only chicken with red earlobes to lay a white egg. All other chickens with red lobes lay brown eggs. Dorking chickens have striking eyes, an upright 6 point comb, medium earlobes, white legs, white skin and the unmistakable 5th toe that points upwards!